Guardian Bandsaw featured on ‘Landline’ at the AMPC showcase

Guardian appeared at the AMPC (Australian Meat Processing Corporation’s) 2022 showcase and was featured on the primetime Australian show ‘Landline’. Some of AMPC’s goals are to save energy and water, improve safety and efficiency, and use technology to fix staffing problems within the meat processing industry. The latter is a real issue both in Australia and globally. Retaining bandsaw staff is difficult, especially if there are safety concerns. 

That’s where Guardian is making a real difference by being the safest bandsaw on the market, with 0 injuries to date. 

Featured voiceover while the Guardian Bandsaw is in action

“AMPC’s biggest success was making on the most dangerous machines in an abattoir, the bandsaw, safe. When a camera detects a blue-gloved body in danger, the saw stops.”

“There’s no doubt that this type of technology (Guardian Bandsaw) has saved hundreds, potentially even thousands of thumbs or hands through preventing contact with a bandsaw blade. There’s a bit more appeal in working in this environment, so the potential to attract a whole different type of person to the processing plant is extraordinary.”

"We have increased our safety to a fail-safe level with no drop in productivity"

Todd Grave – Blue Sky Meats

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