What makes Guardian the safest band saw in the world

World's safest bandsaw

The Guardian Bandsaw is the pinnacle of safety innovation, providing unparalleled protection against the most serious injury risks in the butchering industry. Our bandsaw boasts a remarkable track record of zero injuries to date, an unprecedented achievement that no other brand can match. In this article, we will explore the top 4 features that distinguish Guardian Bandsaws from all competitors, making them the safest band saws in the world.

3D- Vision Safety System

Guardian Bandsaws use a high-speed camera vision system to detect operators’ blue or green gloves. The vision system creates a three-dimensioned area of safety surrounding the blade for the entire length of the blade.

Unlike other bandsaw safety systems that use only one camera, our system utilizes four cameras. This creates a uniform rectangular vision zone, rather than a pyramid, which means the operator’s hand is as safe at the top of the blade as it is near the bottom. Additionally, by mounting the cameras to the frame rather than the door, any potential focusing issues are eliminated, ensuring that our safety system always performs optimally. No other bandsaw on the market can match the level of protection offered by our patented vision system.

Impressive braking system

Our braking system is a remarkable innovation that activates within milliseconds of detecting an operator’s blue or green glove. Upon detection, the system instantly releases stored energy from a spring to clamp the blade, bringing it to a complete stop. This mechanism minimizes damage to the bandsaw and protects the blade, ensuring it maintains its integrity and sharpness for many activations.

Our braking system is designed to be highly efficient and reliable, requiring only a push of a button to reset and resume operation. 

Guardian Web portal

Our Web Portal is an industry-first innovation that provides operators and management access to operational information from anywhere in the world. With this revolutionary technology, a single person can remotely manage multiple locations, streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency. The Guardian Web Portal enables users to view footage of each safety activation and other productivity data. The system records two seconds of video – one second before and after each safety event – which is then slowed down to nine seconds in playback speed to facilitate better visual analysis.

One of the key advantages of our Web Portal is the ability to make benchmark and operator comparisons using actual data. The bandsaw records a wealth of information, including safety activations, run time, number of cuts made, and blade changes, all of which can be used to optimize operations and improve overall safety. The Guardian Bandsaw is the only brand on the market that offers this level of transparency and data-driven insights.

Overview of Guardian online portal

Reliable Servicing

We know that bandsaw downtime is not an option, especially in a busy retail environment. That’s why our machines are network-connected, allowing for seamless remote service and software upgrades, keeping your operations running smoothly.

Our bandsaws are connected to the Guardian management portal, enabling our technicians to remotely diagnose and resolve any issues that may arise, ensuring that you can focus on your work without any interruptions. In addition to remote service, we provide detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on the management portal for regular maintenance.

Our service team is also available for onsite commissioning, training, and annual servicing to ensure that your Guardian Bandsaw operates optimally and maximizes safety. With our reliable servicing and support, you can have complete confidence in the safety and performance of your bandsaw, day in and day out.

Investing in the Guardian Bandsaw system is a wise decision for those operating in the commercial or supermarket sector. With a total of 550 machines currently in operation and over 1 million run hours logged, our bandsaws have a proven track record of safety and reliability, with zero accidents reported.

By choosing Guardian Bandsaws, you prioritize the safety and well-being of your workers while also increasing productivity and improving communication within your team. With innovative features such as our 3D-Vision Safety System, impressive braking system, and industry-first Web Portal, you can trust that our bandsaws are designed with safety in mind.

Don’t compromise on safety in your workplace – choose Guardian Bandsaw for a reliable and innovative solution that ensures the safety of your operators and increases the efficiency of your operations.

"We have increased our safety to a fail-safe level with no drop in productivity"

Todd Grave – Blue Sky Meats

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