Introducing the Guardian Bandsaw: Safety perfected, power unleashed.


Safety is non-negotiable, especially in the demanding meat processing industry. Operators shoulder the responsibility of handling bandsaws with utmost precision and unwavering focus, as their own well-being hinges on it.

Introducing the Guardian bandsaw, meticulously designed to prioritize safety without compromising on power. It represents the perfect harmony between cutting-edge safety features and exceptional performance.

Tailored to meet the unique requirements of meat processing facilities, Guardian Bandsaw offers efficient solutions that elevate safety standards and maximize productivity.

Make the choice to equip your meat processing line with Guardian bandsaws, and you’ll significantly reduce the risk of injuries, safeguard your operators, and unlock greater profitability. Prepare to experience a cutting-edge solution that sets a new benchmark.

A Guardian Bandsaw isn’t just a step above the competition; it’s a cut above the rest.

230M Product Cuts

Total cuts on all Guardian band saws

1M Run hours

Total hours on all Guardian band saws

8 Second Reset

Reset time after safety activation

0 Injuries

No injuries on Guardian band saws

Don’t wait for an injury to occur


Meat Cutting Table Customization Options

If you are looking for the best meat cutting tables in the market, look no further than Guardian Bandsaw.

Our tables are specially designed to help you slice meat with ease and precision.

You can choose from our static tables or our heated tables that reduce friction and improve your cutting performance.

Our tables are easy to open and clean, and they come with various attachments to suit your needs. Whether you need a chute table to cut products into a bin, a slide table to increase accuracy and efficiency, or a meat clamp to portion your cuts, we have the right solution for you.

Check out some of our customization options below.

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Safety features

bespoke meat cutting table

Vision sensing technology

The patented multi-view four camera vision system can register a saw operator’s blue gloves in 3D. The system detects a safety zone around and up the full cutting height of the band saw blade. If the glove is detected in the safety zone, the blade is stopped within milliseconds, before contact is made.

To date there have been zero injuries on a Guardian Bandsaw.

bespoke meat cutting table

Back-up Contact sensing for additional safety

Contact sensing serves as a valuable backup to vision sensing, particularly in situations where visual detection may be limited or compromised. In such cases, contact sensing provides an additional layer of reliability and accuracy by directly detecting physical contact or pressure between objects. By incorporating contact sensing technology alongside vision sensing, a more robust and comprehensive perception system can be established, ensuring greater detection capabilities and enhancing overall safety for operators.

bespoke meat cutting table

Guardian Portal for Supervisors

The Guardian Portal is an industry first and sets a new benchmark for safety performance reporting on commercial bandsaws. Staff are able to log into the portal from anywhere in the world to access a comprehensive suite of reports and charts showing performance of the band saw and the interactions of operators during shifts.
Braking events are recorded and can be viewed in real-time, keeping supervisors up to date on operators activations allowing early intervention and further minimizing risk of injury.

bespoke meat cutting table

Guardian Portal for Operators

Supporting our vision sensing technology is the Guardian Portal System. Every bandsaw comes fitted with a touchscreen giving operators instant visibility of the blades position to check that the vision sensing cameras are clean and clear. If an activation does occur, the operator can playback the braking event to review why it happened, offering the opportunity to improve their cutting technique.

bespoke meat cutting table

Remote Servicing Support

Our Guardian Bandsaw comes with remote servicing support to provide you with 24/7 assistance in keeping your butcher bandsaw in the best operating condition.

We understand that downtime can be costly, so we also provide a hassle-free process for ordering and delivering spare parts to minimize your downtime and get your bandsaw up and running again quickly.

Why Choose a Guardian Bandsaw?

We’re immensely proud of our bandsaws at Guardian.

They’re purpose-built for the meat processing industry, and with over 5 years of experience engineering the best butcher bandsaws for production facilities, we’ve perfected our design to ensure it’s nothing short of exceptional.

Our bandsaws are built from the ground up to provide powerful cuts while minimizing the risk of injury. Unlike our competitors, we don’t just add safety features to existing commercial bandsaws. We manufacture our own bandsaws and integrate our patented safety technology to ensure the highest level of protection.

Our expertise in the meat processing industry has led us to develop industry-specific safety features, such as our vision-detection system, which stops the blade before any contact is made, setting us apart in terms of safety. With zero reported injuries on a Guardian Bandsaw, our safety technology is unmatched.

We have also optimized our bandsaws to provide a structurally sound, purpose-built frame that enhances safety without sacrificing power. From the pneumonic tensioning, making changing a blade that much easier, to the customisation options for all cuts of meat, we have considered our customers’ needs at every step.

Through our expertise and attention to industry requirements we’ve delivered phenomenal results to our customers – a Guardian Bandsaw that boasts the highest safety standard on the market.

So why settle for an ordinary bandsaw when you can have the assurance, power, and proficiency of a Guardian Bandsaw?

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Sliding Element Attachment Options

Fine Adjustment Table | Guardian Bandsaw Tables

Fine Adjustment

T-Bone Thickness Guide | Guardian Bandsaw Tables


Removable Thickness Guide Sliding Table | Guardian Bandsaw Tables


Sliding Element Attachment Options

Pusher Block Sliding Table | Guardian Bandsaw Tables

Plastic pusher

Most common slide table attachment

Meat Clamp Table | Guardian Bandsaw Tables

Meat Clamp

Ideal for portioning

Welded End Sliding Table | Guardian Bandsaw Tables

Welded Tab

The tab can be welded to either end or outside of the table

Meat Cutting Static Table

Static Insert

This can be used to convert any slide table into a static table

Maximize operator safety and productivity with the meat cutting range.