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Guardian delivers a system that drives productivity

Productivity is a key part of what makes our customers successful. Guardian delivers a complete solution that drives productivity through uncompromised safety, industry leading technology, 24/7 support and reliable spare parts supply

"We have increased our safety to a fail-safe level with no drop in productivity"

Todd Grave – Blue Sky Meats

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Uncompromised Safety

The patented multi-view four camera vision system can register a saw operator’s blue gloves in 3D. The system detects a safety zone around and up the full cutting height of the band saw blade. Contact sensing operates as a secondary detection system to ensure that operators are protect even if their hand is covered.

The system is complimented by Guardians online management portal. This allows operators and managers to review safety activation videos to improve their cutting techniques.

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Industry Leading Technology

During a safety activation Guardian de-tensions and stops the blade in milliseconds. Our patented de-tensioning systems reduces the amount of energy required to stop the blade, therefore reducing damage to the blade. With no damage to the blade, the system can be reset and the saw restarted in 8 seconds.



24/7 Support

We understand that there is no time for guessing during production, therefore our team is available for 24/7 remote support. As each saw is connected to the Guardian management portal our technicians can remotely diagnose issues.

For regular maintenance detailed SOPs are available on the management portal. Guardians service team is also available for onsite commissioning, training and annual servicing


Reliable Spare Parts Supply

 Spare parts including blades are available through the Guardian management portal. We offer same day dispatch for all consumable parts orders.  

Guardians software tracks the number of hours and safety activations on major components. This alerts maintenance staff when parts are due for replacement

Creating a safer workplace through better information and reporting

The Guardian management software is an industry first and sets a new benchmark for safety performance reporting on band saws. Staff are able to log into the tool from anywhere in the world to access a comprehensive suite of reports and charts showing performance of the band saw and the interactions of staff during shifts.

The software is simple to use and powerful in creating meaningful reports that can help change behaviour and improve safety and training systems.

The management system also monitors and reports on: number of cuts per hour, total cuts per blade and the cuts per current runtime. The total power consumption of the band saw is also reported. This information enables a detailed understanding of blade performance vs cost along with optimum operator usage to ensure blade longevity.

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