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Guardian Poultry Wing Saw

The Safest Poultry Wing Saw

The Guardian Wing Saw delivers industry first vision safety.

This Wing Saw is an excellent choice for poultry processing.

Our production Poultry Wing Saw feature 3D Vision and Contact Sensing Systems.

Our Safety techinology ensures the cutting disk stops before the operators hand comes in contact.

On-Site Servicing and Remote Support Available


  • 1.5HP motor that’s reliable and durable
  • 3D Vision System
  • Cloud-based Guardian Portal
  • Powerful Braking System
  • On-Site Servicing and Remote Support
  • Stainless steel frame for easy cleaning

Easy to clean

Save precious time at the end of the day. The Wing Saw is designed to be easily cleaned and maintained with its rigid stainless steel frame.

Safety first

The Guardian Wing Saw is fitted with our advanced 3D Vision system. 3D vision delivers the best safety in the full working zone with a powerful braking system




The fastest stopping time. With a button push machine reset immediately.

The best in safety

A four-camera vision system provides a uniform 3D safety zone around the cutting circumference of  the disk.
Guardian stops the disk before the operator hand touches

Butcher bandsaw with large bone

Custom solution

Each Wing Saw application has its own unique requirements.
Guardian can leverage the skills and expertise of the KANDO engineering team to design a custom solution to meet your needs

Butcher bandsaw with large bone

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Guardian G400R

Wing Saw Specs


Metric: 1.1 kW
Imperial: 1.5 hp

Disk Speed

1500 rpm

Disk Size

Metric ∅ (mm): 235
Imperial ∅ (in): 9.25”


METRIC (MM): 938 (W) X 1861 (H) *Height Adjustable
IMPERIAL (IN): 36” (W) X 74” (H) *Height Adjustable

Guardian G400R

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