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Industrial Band saws

Industrial Band Saws

Guardian’s industrial band saws are designed to be used in the world’s largest industrial plants.
20 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Featuring automatic blade tensioning, contact and vision sensing systems, powerful CE or UL certified motors.

Band saws can be supplied with coolant or vacuum systems for dust and swarf management.

Our industrial band saws are currently cutting aluminum, magnesium, foam, plastic, and carbon across the globe.

Available in left and right-hand configurations.

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Industrial Band saw Range

Guardian Bandsaw G400L | Industrial Series

G400 Series

The G400 band saw is our most industrial common production machine, fit for all scales of operations.

Guardian Bandsaw G600L | Industrial Series

G600 Series

The G600 band saw is the next step up from the G400. More cutting capacity, for those largest cuts.

Guardian Bandsaw G900L | Industrial Series

G900 Series

The G900 band saw is our largest production machine, it is ideal for larger primary cutting tasks.

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Band Saw Table options

Industrial Cutting Flat Table

Static Table

Our most versatile option, static tables are great for applications such as job shops, where the cut material can vary significantly. Cutting can be done with or without coolant.

Industrial Cutting Chute Table

Chute Table

Reaching around the blade to clear parts can be a significant hazard, making chute tables a safe option when cutting a high volume of small work pieces.

Industrial Cutting Sliding Table

Slide Table

Slide tables are a great way to create square and consistent cuts, applications include insulation foam and plastic cutting. Dust extraction can be a great addition to these tables.

Custom Solutions

We understand that each industrial band saw application has its own unique requirement. This may include how the product needs to be cut, or how it flows between processes up or down stream. In these cases, a custom solution may be the best option.

Guardian can leverage the skill and expertise of the KANDO engineering team to design a custom solution to meet your needs.


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