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Meat Cutting Range

Meat Band Saws

Guardian Bandsaws are designed to be used in the world’s largest meat processing plants.
20 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Featuring automatic blade tensioning, contact and vision sensing systems, powerful CE or UL certified motors.

Band saws can be configured with various table designs and attachments. These include but are not limited to; Static, Sliding, Chute, Heated Tables.

Available in left and right-hand configurations.

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Meat Band saw Range

Guardian Bandsaw G300R | Meat Cutting Series

G300 Series

The G300 band saw is our smallest production machine, perfect for tight knit spaces.

Guardian Bandsaw G400R | Meat Cutting Series

G400 Series

The G400 band saw is our most common production machine, fit for all scales of operations.

Guardian Bandsaw G600R | Meat Cutting Series

G600 Series

The G600 band saw is the next step up from the G400. More cutting capacity, for those largest cuts.

Guardian Bandsaw G900R | Meat Cutting Series

G900 Series

The G900 band saw is our largest productoin machine, it is ideal for larger, full body meat cuts.

Front View | Guardian Lite Bandsaw

Guardian Lite

The Guardian Lite is our latest development in non-production safety band saws. With a smaller footprint and heavily reduced weight, it is perfect for smaller businesses who have a less intensive cutting requirement.

Guardian Skinner

he Guardian Skinner is our latest innovation to deliver safety to the Meat Packing Industry. Designed to be used for 20 hours a day, 7 days a week, this skinning machine is an excellent choice for skinning pork, beef and lamb

Guardian Poultry Wing Saw

The Guardian Wing Saw delivers industry first vision safety. This Wing Saw is an excellent choice for poultry processing. Our production Poultry Wing Saw feature 3D Vision and Contact Sensing Systems.

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Table options

Meat Cutting Static Table

Static Table

The static table is the most common table installed on Guardian Bandsaws. Tables are split into an inside and outside leaf that open easily for blade changes.

Meat Cutting Slide Table

Slide Table

Slide tables are typically used for slicing, T-Bone and beef loin cutting. These are a great way to increase cutting accuracy and efficiency.

Meat Cutting Heated Table

Heated Table

Heated tables are used to reduce sliding friction on the tabletop. This is a great alternative to applying water to the table which can have a negative impact on product shelf life.

Meat Cutting Conveyor Table

Conveyor Table

In high production environments, conveyor tables are the answer. Conveyors reduce the handling time for operators which increases the number of cut per hour.

bespoke band saws designed to suit your needs

Custom Solutions

We understand that each band saw application has its own unique requirement. This may include how the product needs to be cut, or how it flows between processes up or down stream. In these cases, a custom solution may be the best option.

Guardian can leverage the skill and expertise of the KANDO engineering team to design a custom solution to meet your needs.


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