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Meat Cutting Band saws

G900 Band Saw

The G900 meat band saw is the next step up from a G600 production machine.

Designed to be used for 20 hours a day, 7 days a week this band saw is an excellent choice for production environments where space is not an issue.

Our production band saws feature 3D Vision and Contact Sensing Systems as well as Automatic Blade Tensioning and Braking Systems.

On-Site Servicing and Remote Support Available.

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Safer Operations

The G900 safety band saw enables safe operation in production environments where large primary cuts are a must.

Ensuring all operators are protected by both Vision and Contact Sensing Technology.

Available in left and right hand models.

3D Vision System

The G900 features our multi-view 4 camera vision system.

The system monitors the blade at all times that the band saw is running. If a blue glove is detected within the danger zone, the blade is immediately stopped to prevent harm.

Contact Sensing System

The G900 features our Contact Sensing System.

Offering a second level of safety, the system detects whether an operator has come in contact with the band saw.

The blade is immediately stopped to prevent harm.

Guardian Portal

The G900 allows our team to connect to the machine and provide remote support.

Our technicians can remotely diagnose issues, and provide additional software updates.

Data analysis tools and spare parts are also available online.


Machine Specifications

Blade Size

Metric (mm): 5486 x 20
Imperial (in): 216” x 0.8”


Metric: 7.5 kW
Imperial: 10 hp

Blade Speed

Metric: 32 metres per second
Imperial: 105 feet per second

Cutting capacity

Metric (mm): 900 (W) x 600 (H)
Imperial (in): 35.4” (W) x 23.6” (H)


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