The first bandsaw with a zero-accident track record

The Guardian Bandsaw delivers an unprecedented safety system to reduce serious bandsaw injuries in the meat and industrial industries.

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3D Vision Technology™ stops the blade before injuries occur

Traditional contact sensing only activates after the operator already made contact with the blade. The Guardian anticipates injuries and stops them in their tracks.


3D Vision Technology

Guardian's patented vision system detects operator gloves from four angles and creates a three-dimensional safety area. Air curtains keep cameras free of debris at all times.


Instant blade stop

When a glove is registered in the safety zone, the Guardian's spring-loaded brake mechanism stops the blade before it injures your operator.


Lightning-fast reset

The safety activation never damages your bandsaw. Within just 8 seconds, you’ll be back up and running.

Industry-leading reliability and throughput

Increase your throughput and keep your maintenance costs low, thanks to smart engineering decisions.


3x lower maintenance costs


No forced maintenance intervals


Lightning-fast 8-second reset after safety activation


Increased blade life with Blade ProtectTM system


Moisture GuardTM shields electrical components

Guardian Portal

Make data-driven safety decisions with the Guardian Portal

Get email alerts for operators at risk, review incident footage, and measure your safety progress over time.