Grocery & butchery

A smaller, safer butcher bandsaw

Specifically designed for smaller workspaces and freedom of movement, the Guardian Lite is the ideal safety bandsaw for grocery retail & butchery.

A saw

3D Vision TechnologyTM stops the blade before injuries occur

Traditional contact sensing only activates after the operator already made contact with the blade. The Guardian anticipates injuries and stops them in their tracks.

Designed for smaller environments and maximum mobility

Keeping your butchers safe without sacrificing speed.


Our smallest, most affordable bandsaw

Previously, safety bandsaws were too expensive and powerful for grocery and butchery applications. The Guardian Lite changes this.


No tethering required

Most safety bandsaws require operators to attach themselves to the saw with a cable. With Guardian's 3D Vision, your operators can move freely and start the saw without lengthy setup procedures.


Easy cleaning with IP69k washdown rating

To clean the machine, just open up the door. All electronics are protected with Moisture GuardTM and can withstand high-pressure, hot water washdowns.


We offer solutions for almost any requirement. If you need help or custom specs, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Guardian Lite

Designed to fit in small workspaces, the Guardian Lite is an excellent saw for butchery and grocery retail spaces.

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Guardian Lite

Blade Size

3873 X 16mm or 152 1/2” X 5/8”

Blade SPeed

32m per sec or 105f per sec


2.2 KW or 3 HP

Cutting Capacity

330(W) X 390mm(H) or 13”(W) X 15.4”(H)

Meat-cutting tables

Configure your Guardian bandsaw to your exact requirements with our wide selection of cutting tables.

“With Guardian, we not only protect our team. We also deliver the best product to our customers.”

Throughout 2023, Frigosorno incorporated Guardian bandsaws in its processing plant and retail stores across the country.

Robin Garcia

Operations Manager, Frigosorno

Frequently asked questions

How does the vision safety system work?

There are four cameras constantly monitoring the blade for a specific colored glove, which creates a virtual safety zone. As soon as one of the cameras detects the glove inside the safety zone, the bandsaw stops before the operator’s hand comes into contact with the blade.​ This is done in a matter of milliseconds.

Does the safety system really work?

Yes, it does. Guardian has thousands of bandsaws operating around the world, which have amassed over 1.5 million run-hours and zero injuries.

Will the bandsaw work without the safety systems live?

No, the bandsaw always fails to a safe state and will not start again unless all safety systems are functional. This ensures the absolute safety of your operators.

Can I wash down the bandsaw?

Yes, our bandsaws are IP69k washdown-rated. We accomplish this with Moisture GuardTM - triple-sealed stainless steel that shields electrical components from moisture.

To clean the bandsaw, your team can simply open up the door to access all areas. This process has been verified food-safe by Ecolab.

I can see that Guardian is an international company. How will my bandsaws be serviced?

Guardian has multiple locations and an operation in Omaha, Nebraska. Here, we stock spare parts and employ service technicians to provide excellent after-sales support. ​