3x cheaper to maintain than other safety bandsaws

Engineered for reliability in the toughest environments


Durable brake components

Servo motors are fragile and costly to replace. That’s why Guardian uses spring-loaded brake shoes to stop the blade.


Safety activations without bandsaw damage

Instead of absorbing the enormous force of safety activations, Guardian de-tensions its blades and wheel.


Moisture Guard™️

Triple-sealed stainless steel shields electrical components from moisture.


Blade Protect System™️

Guardian bandsaws brake the back of the blade, protecting the blade teeth during safety activations.

In-house maintenance or white-glove support. You make the choice.


No forced maintenance

We customize our service model so you have the support you need, no more, no less. We never force maintenance intervals by our own technicians.


Video maintenance guides

Each machine comes with video and written guides so you can troubleshoot problems on your own.


Maintenance Optimization Program

Reduce your maintenance spend and optimize your spare parts inventory. Available for enterprise customers

Our service offerings


Local spare parts storage for fast delivery


Regional technicians


Remote support


On-site service


Training programs

All reliability features at a glance

After decades spent in the field, we understand the causes of downtime and expensive repairs. So we went ahead and fixed them.


Other safety bandsaws

Service model

Tailored to your needs.

Forced service intervals every 1,000 safety activations, only through authorized technicians

Brake system

Spring-loaded braking system. Removable brake shoes, cheap and easy to replace.

Expensive servo motors and clutches, prone to breaking.

Damage during safety activation

Blade de-tensioned during safety activation, protecting the bandsaw. Blade teeth remain intact.

Bandsaw absorbs full shock of safety activation. Blade teeth flattened.

Help documentation

Extensive video and written guides accessible online and directly on the bandsaw.


Moisture protection

Moisture Guard™️ shields electrical components.