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Access safety data and maintenance guides from anywhere

Improve your operations and troubleshoot errors with the Guardian Portal

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Review safety and productivity data for all your machines


Watch back footage to train operators

View ten-second clips of safety activations to see what happened, and to train operators.


Set up email alerts for operators at risk

If an operator triggers three safety activations in one day, you’ll get alerted so you can intervene.


Identify locations with high risk profiles

Track safety data by location and offer training to those at risk.


Report your company-wide improvements

See monthly trends for activations and uptime for each location and machine.

Easily accessible maintenance information

Video guides help your team fix problems faster

Access maintenance guides directly on each machine or on the Guardian Portal.

Maintenance history for each machine

Our technicians document each machine's maintenance history in your portal, which helps keep everyone in the loop.

Data-driven maintenance schedule

Service your machine at the exact right time, based on run times logged in your portal.