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Meat Cutting Tables

Meat cutting table overview

Guardian Meat Cutting band saw tables are designed to solve even the most unique requirements in various
working environments across the globe. Check out the many solutions available below.

If you require something more specific to your application – get in touch.

Static table

 The static table is the most common table installed on Guardian Bandsaws. Tables are split into an inside and outside leaf that open easily for blade changes.

Table Number Dimension A Dimension B Dimension C
1113235 350mm 400mm 500mm
1113234 500mm 400mm 500mm
1113248 500mm 780mm 500mm
1113689 350mm 780mm 500mm



Heated table

Heated tables are used to reduce sliding friction on the tabletop. This is a great alternative to applying water to the table which can have a negative impact on product shelf life.

Table Number Dimension A Dimension B Dimension C
1114046 350mm 400mm 500mm
1125915 500mm 400mm 500mm



Chute table

Chute tables are used when an operator cuts a product into a bin. Operators can move the chute to any angle in seconds with no tools. 

Dimension A 350mm
Dimension B 500mm
Dimension C 700mm
Dimension D 340mm



Slide Tables

Slide tables are for slicing, T-Bone, and beef loin cutting. These are a great way to increase cutting accuracy and efficiency.

All slide tables use the same sliding element and inside leaf. Below is the range of pusher blocks and thickness guides that are available.

Size options


Commonly used in Case Ready plants


Commonly used in Slaughter plants for large cuts

Thickness Guide Options

Fine Adjustment



Fine Adjustment Table | Guardian Bandsaw Tables
T-Bone Thickness Guide | Guardian Bandsaw Tables
Removable Thickness Guide Sliding Table | Guardian Bandsaw Tables

Sliding Element Attachment Options

Plastic pusher

Most common slide table attachment

Meat Clamp

Ideal for portioning

Welded Tab

The tab can be welded to either end or outside of the table

Static Insert

This can be used to convert any slide table into a static table

Pusher Block Sliding Table | Guardian Bandsaw Tables
Meat Clamp Table | Guardian Bandsaw Tables
Welded End Sliding Table | Guardian Bandsaw Tables
Meat Cutting Static Table

common slide table configurations


Most common table for case ready applications

Fine Adjustment

Plastic pusher block and fine adjustment thickness guide


Meat clamp, removable thickness guide, and static insert. 

T-Bone Table | Guardian Bandsaw Tables
Fine Adjustment Table | Guardian Bandsaw Tables
Configurable Table | Guardian Bandsaw Tables