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Frigosorno introduces Guardian Lite to retail butchery

Frigosorno introduces Guardian Lite to retail butchery

Frigorifico de Osorno (Frigosorno) is a company with over 70 years of experience in the Chilean meat processing industry. Its solid commitment to quality is reflected in its mission to be a leader in environmentally-friendly meat production, with a highly trained team. To achieve this vision, the company has focused on its valuable workforce, recognized as its most important asset.

In 2022, Frigosorno took a visionary step in the South American industry by adopting the cutting edge meat bandsaw machinery from New Zealand. This move made it the first meat processing plant in the region to do so, marking a significant milestone in its collaboration with Guardian. Guardian Bandsaw represents the pinnacle of innovation in safety, offering exceptional protection against injuries in the meat processing industry, with a flawless track record of zero injuries, an unparalleled achievement.

Throughout 2023, Frigosorno is progressing in its ambitious project, which includes the incorporation of new machines in its processing plant and the implementation of the Guardian Lite bandsaw in its retail stores across the country. The choice of Guardian Lite is fully justified, as this version is specifically designed to meet the needs of smaller supermarkets and butcher shops, ensuring a perfect fit for different commercial environments.

Frigosorno in South America
“With Guardian, we not only protect our team but also enable us to focus on delivering the best product to our customers."

Robin García, Manager of Engineering and Maintenance, highlights the positive reception that the introduction of this technology had in the plant. Since the arrival of the first machine, enthusiasm, and a desire to learn about its advantages have been evident. A gradual implementation was chosen, allowing the operators to become familiar with the new technology.

One of the key advantages that Robin mentions is the Guardian Web Portal, a pioneering innovation in the industry that provides remote access to operational information for operators and management from anywhere in the world. This revolutionary technology enables remote management of multiple locations, optimizing operations and increasing efficiency.

Guardian's Web Portal allows users to access videos of each activation before and after each safety event, facilitating detailed visual analysis and other productivity data.

"Guardian has arrived to address a constant concern in our operation and provide us with new tools for continuous improvement."

In addition to advanced technology, Guardian offers reliable support and service by connecting its bandsaws to the management portal. This allows technicians to diagnose and resolve issues remotely, ensuring uninterrupted workflow. They also provide detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in the management portal for regular maintenance. In this way, the investment in state-of-the-art safety technology not only reduces the risks of unexpected shutdowns due to injuries but also optimizes efficiency in daily operations.

Frigosorno's decision to adopt Guardian Bandsaw machinery has not only enhanced safety and efficiency in its operations but has also set an exemplary standard in the industry. This partnership not only marks a milestone in the pursuit of meat excellence but also highlights the importance of prioritizing worker safety in an ever-evolving sector.

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