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Matthews Cemetery Products cuts bronze metal alloys safely

Matthews Cemetery Products cuts bronze metal alloys safely

Client: Jake Jones, EHS Manager
Matthews Cemetery Products


Did you experience injuries/near misses prior to using Guardian Bandsaws?

Prior to our guardian bandsaw purchase, we had one serious injury from using a bandsaw.

What other options did you previously have in terms of reducing those injuries (i.e. machine guarding, increased training, switching out operators during longer shifts etc.)

Machine guarding and increased training for our operators were our options prior to the Guardian Bandsaw. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of guarding options on the market for bandsaws.

What metals are being cut on the machine?

Bronze metal alloy

What was the biggest issue(s) you were facing prior to using Guardian Bandsaws?

The high risk of amputations that is associated with bandsaws. As workers were going through their day, fatigue and production needs would start to overwhelm the operator, causing a lack of judgement and an increase in risk.

Has using the Guardian system improved other areas of your operations?

Guardian bandsaws have significantly improved our area of operation. Providing the protection the operator needs, but also allowing us to track production hours, blade usage, and blade stops.

What has the Staff feedback on the Bandsaw been?

The employees absolutely love the saw, they value safety and are thankful for the extra security the bandsaw provides.

How was the process of dealing with Guardian from start-to-finish, and ongoing?

The process was smooth and efficient. Guardian was on top of everything and was able to get the bandsaw to us exactly when we needed it. You couldn’t ask for better process and customer service.

Why have Guardian Bandsaws stood out?

Guardian stood out from the rest with their safety technology and amazing customer service. There was never a question that went unanswered. They provided videos, quick responses, and assistance with finding the gloves that met their specs but also met ours. I would highly recommend this company to everyone.

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