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The importance of data in bandsaw safety and productivity

The importance of data in bandsaw safety and productivity

When looking to improve band saw safety, what should be considered? Of course, there are obvious factors like employee training, safe equipment and working environments. However, data is often the missing link to providing a safe and productive work environment for your team. With the right data, you can establish if there are particular issues with a machine, an operator, or both. Data-driven decision-making can supercharge your bandsaw safety and productivity in more ways than you may realize.

A refresher on data-driven decision-making

Data-Driven Decision-Making or DDDM is defined as making decisions based on actual data rather than guessing or making assumptions. Many companies will use this strategy to help get a competitive edge, run more efficiently or improve safety. In fact, companies that are driven by data and statistics are three times more likely to have an improvement in decision-making when compared to companies that don’t rely on data. 

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Why does data matter for bandsaw operations?

Bandsaw safety and productivity is more than just operator training or the actual safety features on a band saw. In fact, we believe that real band saw productivity and safety come from a combination of good technology, support, parts and bandsaw safety features. Of course, data is included in all these elements.

How do you usually record incidences, bandsaw injuries or breaks in productivity due to band saw use? Is this something that can be easily communicated between employees and higher-up management? This is where data may be able to assist.

Guardian’s answer to data-driven decision-making

The Guardian management software is an industry first and sets a new benchmark for safety performance reporting on band saws. Staff are able to log into the software from anywhere in the world and can access a comprehensive suite of reports and charts showing performance of the band saw and the interactions between staff during shifts. The software is simple to use and powerful in creating meaningful reports that can help change behavior and improve safety and training systems.

All activations are recorded so that any incidences can be dealt with swiftly. If there is a particular machine or operator which has been identified as being problematic, then these issues can be addressed and resolved a lot faster. 

The management system also monitors and reports on: the number of cuts per hour, total cuts per blade and the cuts per current runtime. The total power consumption of the band saw is also reported. This information enables a detailed understanding of blade performance vs cost along with optimum operator usage to ensure blade longevity.

Benefits of using a safety software like the Guardian portal 

1. Easier communication

If everyone is presented with the same data, there’s no wiggle room for miscommunication. The facts and stats won’t lie. Having a centralised place where all data is kept means that communication between different team members is more streamlined. 

2. Incident management

If something goes wrong, or a near miss happens, your team will be better equipped to deal with the situation quickly. A safety software like the Guardian web portal allows management to be instantly alerted of an issue, which will result in a quick resolution. 

3. Productivity improvements

By having software that is constantly monitoring activity on the bandsaws, workers will be more proactive in their approaches. They will likely be more aware of what they’re working on, and constantly improve their own cutting processes, which will lead to increased productivity.

We believe that data is a great asset that can dramatically improve band saw safety and efficiency. Having the software working in conjunction with your bandsaw means that you are not making important decisions blindly, you have the data to back it up. 

Are you looking to improve your band saw productivity or safety? Get in contact with the team at Guardian Bandsaw to discuss your unique requirements. 

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